Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Motorola Droid VS iphone

Motorola Droid has a very difficult life ahead. It only has born and is already up against the iPhone 3g. With even the mobile phone market working on the principle of ‘survival of the fittest’, let us see how the Droid fares against the market giant iPhone 3g.

Let me put all the speculations regarding Droid to rest by stating it plainly and clearly that the Droid is better than the iPhone 3g. It has a bigger screen, a real keyboard, a faster processor and the latest Google OS. Technically, the Droid is far ahead of the Apple iPhone. Will this translate into better sales? That will remain to be seen, but for the meanwhile let us dissect the phones and see why exactly dos the Droid score over the iPhone.

Thing is, nowadays the mobile phones are used more for running applications than actually talking. There are thousands of applications available online that you can run on your phone. So, you might be listening to the music on your phone while watching pictures, with some application getting updated in the background, if you have a Droid. You can’t do this if you own an iPhone 3g. Droid can multi task, iPhone can’t!

The application development world is moving towards Open Source. Droid has an open source platform for application. This means, there can be many-many applications available for the Droid. The iPhone remains ancient by being a closed source platform. So you can customize, get widgets and all those goodies, on the Droid and not on iPhone.

One of the biggest problems with an iPhone 3g is that it doesn’t have a real physical keyboard. A touch screen keyboard is not nearly as comfortable to use or even durable as a physical keyboard. This is the reason people at Motorola equipped the Droid with a sliding fort touch physical keyboard. Typing SMS, emails on the Droid is very comfy.

What is the use of having a camera enabled phone if it can only take pictures at the time of the day? When the lighting conditions are not suitable, the iPhone 3g is only as good as having a phone without camera. Not so with the droid. It takes great pictures even at night.

There are many nice touches that have been added to droid that are missing in most other phones, especially in the iPhone 3g. For instance, Droid has interchangeable batteries, iPhone 3g doesn’t. It is the attention to details on the part of makers of the Droid, that it has made Droid a much better phone than its nearest competitor – the iPhone.

One area where the iPhone has a slight edge is the multimedia. Because of the Apple platform, the syncing, music or video downloading is very nice and easy on the iPhone. You get so many podcasts on iTunes store that it becomes tough for other phones to challenge it. The Droid does have nice multimedia set up though, if not as good as the iPhone. It comes with a desktop cradle that charges the phone and also turns into a multimedia station. This might not be as good as the iPhone – iTunes combo, but is quite good in its own right.

The Droid scores higher points in every technical department when compared to the iPhone 3g. It is faster, has a bigger screen and unlike the iPhone it can take pictures in the dark. This makes the Droid the real iPhone killer. It will be interesting to see how it will sell when people realize the Droid is better than the iPhone 3g.
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